The #1 Digital Product Academy to Help You Start Making Money Using Canva and Etsy!!!


Are you ready to Level Up your business or start a business?

Gain access to templates & resources when becoming a student in my program. This course will give you lifetime access to designs once you become a student. These are designs you can use to edit for your own brand, sell on digital marketplaces, or your very own website.

I can guarantee this online program will change your life for the better forever if you put in the work! You will immediately learn how to market your brand sufficiently and gain access to thousands of templates. All students are given access to the student Google Classroom and students' Canva account immediately after joining my program. 

Are You Ready To Make Sales Daily in your business?

Did you know you could make DIY (do it yourself) templates from scratch and resell that same template over 100 times a day? Well, you can; I will be showing and teaching you how! And that’s only the beginning. 

My program will help you meet all of your goals. You will be trained via recorded classes. No physical products need to be shipped or handheld. 

You will be trained to market your current or new business.

You will gain full access to exclusive designs & templates you can sell & or use for your brands. You will be able to promote your digital brand, and any other business you own is also included.

Free Promo is offered via social media. 

Classes are pre-recorded.

    •    Learn to create PNG Clip Art /elements, SVG,  PDF & JPG Files.

    •    Gain Access to ebooks I’ve written & business information.

Once you join my program, you can immediately learn basic design & start selling your designs the same day you join or use your designs to rebrand and grow your business.  

 Bonus classes 

    •    Receive 24/7 class access.

    •    Teacher’s assistant* 

    •    Supportive class environment 

Class replays are located on Google Classroom.

You will be taught how to Easily make $500 or more selling pre-made flyers daily or using your flyers to attract your own clients for your business.

I am going to teach you how to market your business to success.

 All students learn online. All lessons can be watched at a later time to best fit the student's schedule needs.  Hence the 24/7 access. 

    •    You will learn how to become a skilled business owner through the power of a graphic designer.

    •    You will be taught how to make up to $500 a day. 

    •    Learn your way around All design apps, Canva  & many other design apps to help build or expand your brand.        

    •    My Job Is To Help You Obtain & Maintain Financial freedom.

    •    Zoom Classes & Webinars 


Please note for me to guarantee everything listed above, you will be required to hold yourself accountable. This will help me help you.


 *No Refunds as this is a digital product. Once you have access, no refund will be granted. Keep in mind you will be working directly with Coach P.


~Coach P

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The #1 Digital Product Academy to Help You Start Making Money Using Canva and Etsy!!!

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